gabhriel: (Marvel // Ruffalo!Bruce Banner)
Bríd not Bríd ([personal profile] gabhriel) wrote2011-12-27 04:01 pm

Have you ever read a fic...

(I'm cross-posting to all the places! I originally posted this on Tumblr but it might actually legitimately be bugging me a little.)

A novella length fic, and thought, “This is a really good fic! But it would make a terrible book.”

Because I definitely have, and for some reason this troubles me? IS THIS OKAY?

The only thing I can think of equating it to is romance novels. They're fun, but they don't really have any literary merit/gravitas/other words I don't know how to use properly. But I feel bad because someone spent a good amount of time writing a 50,000 word fanfic that's really enjoyable but... would be torn to shreds by literary critics.


In other news, I like that Dreamwidth lets me choose a random icon. That's neat. Yesss, Bruce Banner.

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